Swamp Stalkers


Swamp Stalkers are the one of the latter species of Dragon Dice®. Mutating within the swamps, Swamp Stalkers are a combination of Water and Death.

Though Nature had returned to Esfah, and she had created the beast-folk to help defend the land, Death’s minions still held the upper hand. Esfah lay torn and scarred from warfare, and the Selumari and Vagha had dwindled in numbers and hope. The Amazons were murmuring secession, wanting only to be left alone. Only the war-happy Firewalkers and the savage Feral felt any desire for war.

The horrors of war ate at the hearts of the soldiers, and many abandoned the cause. They fled, seeking cover in dense, impenetrable swamps, hoping that none would find them and punish them for their cowardice.

But someone did find them, someone who saw what an opportunity these soldiers presented. It was Death, and he unleashed his powerful sorcery at the refugees, seeking to enslave them.

Now Aguarehl, the youngest child of Nature, had returned to Esfah from wherever Nature had hidden her children. He was not yet strong enough to counteract his half-sibling’s deadly magic, but Aguarehl’s fetid swamp waters caught and held the magicks of Death, weakening them.

And so, what arose from the swamps were not the slaves Death had expected, but a vile, independent species of snake-men. Striking from their mysterious homelands, the Swamp Stalkers carry the gift of watery death, seeking to increase their numbers by mutating others.