Scalders are the one of the latter species of Dragon Dice®. Burning and searing with every touch, Scalders are a scorching species of Fire and Water.

In the terrible battle that waged between life and death, there existed an area of Esfah as yet untouched by such bitter woes: the Feylands. These unspoiled forests were home to the faerie folk, and they grew wan with fear and terror, dreading the day their world would be discovered. They were a frail species, ill equipped for war, desirous only of being left in peace.

The Elder Monsters of Faerie threw out the call, summoning the fey folk scattered about Esfah. Their intention was to close the Feylands from the rest of the world and hide their forests from prying eyes.

All the species of faerie folk heeded the command—all, that is, except the Steam Dancers. Careless sprites of mist, these fey folk were captured by Death, who was puzzled by them. They were not a creation of his. Yet, neither were they the child of his enemy, Nature, since they were composed only of water and had not the spark of life in them. Death released the Steam Dancers, thinking to twist them to his vile ways. He filled their hearts with fire and changed them from gentle faerie folk to dark, deformed imps. But the Scalders, as they now called themselves, were made of sterner stuff. They scorned both Death and Nature, choosing to stay in the world of Esfah—a world filled with things to burn, flood, scorch, and drown.