Firewalkers are the one of the latter species of Dragon Dice®. Bursting from the sun, Firewalkers are a combination of Fire and Air.

As the battles between the First Species and the Amazons grew more severe, a species of beings from beyond the young world took notice. From their chaotic cities in the roaring fires of the world’s sun, this species grew more and more fascinated by the titanic battles unfolding, deciding at last to take part.

These humanoids–elementals who were part fire and part air–descended to the young world, settling in the mountains and plains where they scorched their surroundings black and lifeless.

They brought their fiery magics and monstrous beings like the mighty phoenix and the murderous salamander down from the sun, offering their services to armies that would have them. The newcomers were dubbed the Firewalkers, for they used no name for themselves. While startled by the ardor the Firewalkers had for battle, the generals gladly accepted their aid. Many commanders soon found that the Firewalkers view the great war as a game, and the elementals truly do not care on which side they fight!