Dwarves are the one of the first five species of Dragon Dice®. Dwarves are a resilient combination of Earth and Fire.

Eldest child of Nature, Eldurim fashioned beasts of clay and rock and the bones of the earth, and his sister Firiel scorched them with her fiery embrace—tempering them with heat and passion. And so were born the mysterious androsphinx, the hideous gargoyle, the two-headed roc, and the misshapen umber hulk.

Eldurim loved his children, thinking them perfect in every way, but Firiel despised them, thinking them clumsy and wooden. So Eldurim challenged his sister to create her own child, and he gave Firiel his own unformed bones of earth to shape.

Firiel took the earth and molded it, imbuing more and more of her strength into this child of hers. It grew to monstrous size, its temper matching the heat of its body. It defied its mother and escaped the confines of its father, fleeing to the deepest bowels of the earth. They called it Behemoth, and now it rules the underworld with terror.

Firiel bowed her head in shame at her mistake, and she asked her brother’s pardon. Eldurim, as always, gave it, and together they brought forth the Vagha.