Dragonkin are the distant relatives of full-sized dragons. Like dragons, they can be summoned into play during a game, but unlike their less-predicable forerunners, Dragonkin will join your armies and fight for you!

As the Eldarim gained control over their element, they also began to gain control over the elemental creatures of Esfah. True, they were no match for the dragons, but the dragonkin found in them kindred souls-elemental beings who were somewhat less than their mightier cousins. Skilled warriors, swift cavalry, crafty shield-bearers, and elemental mages learned to harness powers they had little dreamed of.

The dragonkin grew in number, attracted by the power of the species. Wizards and mages the land over took notice, and began experimenting with mastery over the lesser dragons. Soon, the Dragonkin were at the beck and call of the mages, ready to burst into battle. Though every species could call the Dragonkin, no species could prove their power over these beasts more than the mighty Eldarim…